The complete guide to the best soju flavors - Drink Pirate Soju (2024)

It’s a well-known fact that Koreans love their booze, and none more so than soju. With the increasing popularity of soju both in Korea and elsewhere, producers have launched lots of different soju flavors to capture more of the expanding flavored soju market.

Some people have found that standard soju, which isn’t flavored, to taste strongly of the alcohol which is the main constituent part of the drink. This can lead to a lot of undesirable flavors.

All sorts of flavored soju – grape flavor, peach and grapefruit being some of the most popular – have been produced by some of the leading manufacturers, like Jinro and Lotte Chum Churum, to cater to those who prefer some flavor in their soju.

Some people prefer sweet flavored soju, like apple or watermelon. Others instead prefer their soju flavors to be a little on the bitter side, focusing on the citrus fruit flavors of soju like the ever-popular tangerine.

Different people have different preferences when it comes to their soju, so the best way to find out what you like is to read about the different varieties of flavored soju, try out a few different kinds and taste them.

With so many different types of soju fruit flavors, as well as a unique yogurt flavored soju available, it’s difficult to know just what are the best soju flavors. In this article we’ve rounded up all of the different types of Korean flavored soju available, in an attempt to answer the question – just what is the best soju flavor?

Read on to find out more about the best flavors of soju available on the market…

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Fruit flavored soju

Thanks to the popularity of fruit-based soju co*cktails in Korea, there are now lots of different fruit flavored soju varieties available for you to try. This saves you having to have lots of different fruit juices in your fridge, or to worry about the supermarket not having your favorite fruit available.

So, what different types of soju fruit flavors are there available?

Grapefruit flavored soju

Grapefruit is one of the most commonly consumed fruits in Korea, along with apples and pears. But there are other ways Koreans indulge in the juicy and refreshing goodness of grapefruit. No, we’re not talking about drinking it fresh, or eating it straight, but drinking it in flavoured soju!

Recent surveys have suggested that this is the most popular flavored soju variety amongst students, meaning you’ll be in good company amongst the drinkers of Korea if you choose this option.

In fact, grapefruit flavor soju is so popular, it’s also available in a sparkling variety in a can, for easy drinking. This is absolutely ideal for taking on a summer picnic and drinking with friends, without having to worry about having soju glasses available, or carrying around breakable glass.

Alcohol percentage:

Canned variety: 4%

Bottled soju: 16%

Pomegranate flavored soju

Pomegranate is popular in Korea in the summertime, when it’s sold on street stalls as a juice and in fizzy drinks. Perhaps because of its ubiquity in the country, it’s also considered one of the best flavors of soju. It’s probably a less commonly grown and eaten fruit in other countries, which makes it a great choice to try on your journey through all of the different varieties of flavored soju!

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Alcohol percentage: 13.5%

Peach flavored soju

Korean peaches are popular in summer, especially for women. Peaches are one of the few fruits that tastes good both fresh and cooked. Because of this, the Korean people have long been using them as a way to enjoy soju’s unique flavor and color. Peach flavored soju is also a great way to satisfy a sweet tooth, since their taste stays with you for a long time.

Peach flavored soju is also available in a sparkling canned drink. This must be one of the best Jinro soju flavors, as they’ve decided to can it and make it available as a single serve drink!

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Alcohol percentage:

Canned variety: 4%

Bottled soju: 14%

Our guide continues below…

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Citrus flavored soju

Refreshing, tangy, sweet yet sour – there’s many great reasons to opt for a citrus soju. It’s also a perfect after dinner choice, with citrus fruit being good for your digestion. Citrus fruit is used in other digestif alcoholic beverages like Italy’s famous limoncello. Why not try a shot (or three) of citrus soju to wash down your evening meal?

Alcohol percentage: 13.5%

Pineapple flavored soju

Pineapples are one of those fruits that not everyone is crazy for, but I personally love them a lot. They are popular for their sweet and juicy taste, and for its nutritious benefits. Pineapples taste sweet and sour at the same time, and they are also quite nutritious, containing a good amount of vitamin C, potassium, and fiber. Given they’re sweet and tangy, they’re a perfect choice for flavouring soju to offset the alcohol and give you summery vibes!

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Alcohol percentage: 13.5%

Green grape flavored soju

Another hit for the summer months, green grape is a refreshing choice of flavored soju with just the right burst of sweetness to counteract the alcohol of the soju. While kyoho, or ‘giant mountain grapes’, are more frequently cultivated in Asia, these grapes are more frequently served as a dessert.

Grapes grown in Korea are almost exclusively red, with the Campbell Early grape being the most commonly produced, alongside the Kyoho and Sheridan grape varieties.

The Korean government is even discouraging the planting of grapevines, and so soju producers are more likely to use either the few domestically grown varieties, or more likely imported green grapes for soju production.

That makes this a comparatively rare variety of soju, and definitely a connoisseur’s choice.

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Alcohol percentage: 13%

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Apple soju flavor

Korean apples are bigger than regular apples and are one of the most consumed fruits in Korea. Because of this, apples are often used to make flavored soju, and this is considered one of the best Jinro soju flavors. Apples are also used in some varieties of Gwasilju, which is a fruit wine.

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Alcohol percentage: 12%

Blueberry flavored soju

The good news is, if you opt for a blueberry flavored soju, you won’t blow up like a giant blueberry, like Violet Beauregarde in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory… The even better news is that blueberry fruit flavored soju isn’t experimental like Willy Wonka’s chewing gum, but is a great choice of flavored soju for the drinker who likes to try something a bit more unusual.

Despite barely being grown or eaten in Korea until recent years, blueberries have gained popularity there in the last decade, as news of their anti-oxidant properties and ‘superfood’ status has spread – so why not find out for yourself?

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Alcohol percentage: 13%

Plum flavored soju

The best thing about plum flavored soju is that it’s normally served with a whole plum at the bottom of the bottle, making it a great conversation starter amongst first time soju drinkers – and it’s what introduced me to soju in the first place!

It’s no surprise that plums are used to flavor soju, given the popularity of plum flavored beverages in Korea. Maesil-cha, or plum tea, is made with plum syrup, and the flowers of the plum are also used to make plum blossom tea, or Maehwa-cha. Popular varieties of plum wine – maesil-ju – are also available, made by brands like Matchsoon and Seoljungmae.

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Alcohol percentage: 13%

Tangerine (Yuja) soju flavor

Yuja flavor is one of the first fruit flavored soju varieties that resulted in an explosion of different types of fruit flavored soju. ‘Sunhari’, produced by Lotte Chilsung and released in 2015, was particularly popular with younger ladies as a brand new, easier drinking soju option, and remains popular to this day.

Alcohol percentage: 13.5%

Watermelon flavored soju

In summer, one of the most popular fruits eaten in Korea is watermelon. As a popularly grown fruit in the country, it also makes a perfect flavouring for soju. Watermelon is regularly eaten at family get-togethers, so it makes perfect sense to pair it with soju, which is itself a communal drink. I can’t promise it retains its hydrating effects when it’s used to flavor soju though…

Alcohol percentage: 13.5%

Other flavors of soju

Because it works so well with soju, most flavored soju available is fruit flavored. However, there is one special extra variety of flavored soju available, and it’s one of the best – it’s our personal favorite, yogurt!

Yogurt flavored soju

Mixing soju with yogurt, or most popularly a yogurt-based drink such as Yakult, and a fizzy lemon and lime drink like Sprite is massively popular with students in Korea. It’s a great way to mask the alcoholic flavor of the soju with the sugariness and sweetness of the yogurt and citrus.

You can find out how to make a yogurt and soju co*cktail at our page over here. But what if you want to cut out the middleman and just get that yogurty goodness without having to have other ingredients ready in your fridge? Well, the great news is that Lotte Chum Churum have launched a yogurt flavored soju that aims to get that great co*cktail taste straight out of the bottle.

Alcohol percentage: 12%

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The complete guide to the best soju flavors - Drink Pirate Soju (2024)


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