The 7 Best Soju Flavors: Tasted & Reviewed - 2024 (2024)

The 7 Best Soju Flavors: Tasted & Reviewed - 2024 (1)

That’s a question many people are asking. We are pretty heavy drinkers ourselves and have tasted the 7 best soju flavors.

If you’ve never drunk soju before, you’re really missing it. It’s a very affordable and fun drink for parties. In Korea, everyone has drunk it or has drunk it before. It’s something that you can’t forget if you’re thinking about Korean culture.

Even overseas, soju is very popular. Many people, especially Asians, drink lots of soju. It’s affordable and tastes amazing when you mix it with different drinks. So, which one is the best and why?

We did research, and after a couple of weeks of tasting and experimenting, here are the 7 best soju flavors.

1. Grapefruit

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Grapefruit is one of the best soju flavors I’ve ever tried. It doesn’t leave an alcoholic after taste like some others. The smell is decent, but the flavor is one of the sweetest and best-tasting ones out there. I’ve you have never tried this before, I highly recommend you do if you’re over 21.

What I like about the grapefruit soju is that it’s very popular among the younger generation. If you ever have the opportunity to visit Korea, you’ll see that this one is sold very often. It’s made out of rice wine which makes it even better. Give it a try and see for yourself.

2. Peach

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The peach flavor smells like candy from the store, the smell isn’t too strong, and it’s great when eating hot food. What I really like about the peach flavor is that the taste is sweet, but it isn’t too bitter. Another plus is that this flavored soju is that this one is great when you’re eating spicy food.

Other soju flavors aren’t as good with spicy food as this one. If you’re going to eat spicy food, make sure to try this peach-flavored soju because it will blow your mind, that’s how good it is.

3. Yuzu (Chum Churum)

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This one smells pretty good, but the taste isn’t there. It has a hint of citrus, but personally, I don’t really like this one. However, it’s great if you’re at a party. Some of my friends really like this one since you can really taste the alcohol after taste.

This one will give you a really bad hangover if you drink too much of it. For the other flavored soju bottles, it isn’t that bad. So keep in mind to not over-drink and get too drunk because it’s going to be really bad the next morning.

4. Green Grape

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Green grape tastes like grape juice with some alcohol. It doesn’t taste bad. In fact, I really like this one. However, it does taste a bit like wine. So, if you aren’t into that, then try another flavor on the list.

This one is very popular, and you see advertisem*nts for the green-flavored soju everywhere. Many people really like this taste, but it’s not for everyone. However, it’s still worth trying if you’ve never tried it before.

5. Jinro Plum

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This one is one of my favorites, and it smells a bit like sour peach and grape candy at the same time. You can’t really describe it unless you’ve stated it before. The smell isn’t too strong, and if you’ve ever had Chinese cough medicine, yes, this smells a bit like that.

Considering that you aren’t going to drink multiple bottles of this, it’s actually pretty good. The best way to drink Jinro plum is to mix it with some Yakult.

6. Strawberry

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The strawberry one smells amazing, it’s very sweet, but personally, I don’t really like the taste. The scent is overpowering, while the taste isn’t that good. However, if you like more of a bitter taste, then this one is great.

There are many ways to drink this strawberry soju, and it’s great to eat it withtteokbokki. Other foods are also really good with the strawberry flavor, like kimchi jjigae.

7. Green Apple

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The green apple is pretty good and tastes like candy. If you ever had those sweet and sour candies, yes, that’s exactly this but without the sourness. This is also one of my favorites, and these ones are great for mixing with other drinks.

Mixing it with Yakult, beer, or any other drink is great. The green apple flavor is one of the easiest to drink, it doesn’t taste too strong, and the hangover isn’t as bad as some other ones.

What Is The Best Soju Flavor?

The most popular soju is theChamisul Soju Fresh. It’s been the best and most sold soju in South Korea. Many people like this soju flavor because it tastes very clean and gives a refreshing taste. This is one of my favorite soju flavors, and it tastes great with some fried chicken.

Other great flavors are strawberry, peach, and green apple. Those are great for mixing, which tastes even better with somespicy food.

How Many Shots of Soju to Get Drunk?

Generally speaking, it’s about 3 bottles of soju for a normal person to get drunk. There are about 7-8 shots in a bottle. In total, that would be about 21-24 shots of soju to get drunk. However, this is different for everyone because not all people have the same alcohol tolerance.

Normal people that are working an office job don’t get drunk really fast because they drink every weekend. It’s normal in Korea to go out with your colleagues on a Friday evening after work.

How Strong is a Shot of Soju?

On average, there’s about 18% alcohol in soju. That’s about 24% of a whiskey shot. It’s stronger than beer but many people like taking shots. Especially when they’re at a party, and since soju costs only $4 per bottle on average, it’s very popular.

Normal people that have an office jobs drink almost every weekend. They always get drunk because it’s a way of relaxing. If you’re ever going to visit Korea and go out on a Friday night, you’ll see many office workers drinking soju together.


Now that you’ve come to the end of this article, you probably know which flavors are popular and which aren’t. Soju is a drink that’s very popular in Korea, and people drink it every weekend. It’s even more popular than beer.

In the USA and other foreign countries, most people like drinking beer and other strong drinks. Those are often more expensive.

While soju is only around $4 per bottle in Korea, it’s incredibly cheap. Generally speaking, it takes about three bottles for the average person to get drunk.

This depends on the person itself and if they’re a heavy drinker or not. For everyone, this is different, and that’s normal. So, which one is the best soju flavor? For us personally, it’s the Chamisul Soju Fresh. This is one of the most sold soju bottles in Korea.

The 7 Best Soju Flavors: Tasted & Reviewed - 2024 (2024)


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