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Bedside lamps can really make your bedroom. Whether you opt for table lamps, floor lamps or sconces, having access to a light next to the bed is convenient, functional and creates an atmosphere. Read on to find out 25 ideas for bedside lamps.

Pattern and Texture

This bedroom in a waterfront property picks up on the blue tones and uses them as accents in the space. Patterned pillows add additional pops of color and a wicker bed frame lends texture. Twin coastal table lamps further add pattern and texture to the space.

Negative Space

Slate-colored walls form a dramatic backdrop in this moody bedroom space. Wood nightstands lend some warmth. Coordinating light fixtures feature negative space and combine materials that pick up on both the wall color and the nightstands.

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The 25 Best Bedside Lamp Ideas | Lightopia (3)

The 25 Best Bedside Lamp Ideas | Lightopia (4)

Piece of Art

When you think of bedside lighting you often think of table lamps that sit on the nightstand. An interesting alternative is to use a floor lamp as your bedside lighting. This sculptural piece features an angular base atop which sits around globe. It serves as a piece of art and focal point.

Baby Blue

Nadia Watts Interior Design used a very soft and pale blue as the main tone in this soothing bedroom. A pendant hangs above in the double tray ceiling, while two powder blue bedside lamps frame the bed. Soft white linens and neutral carpeting round out the look.

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Unexpected Twist

All white bedding is a classic. This bed features a white upholstered headboard and frame with entirely white linens. To add some character to the sophisticated space, there are twin lamps featuring horse sculptures and rectangular shades.

Nature Inspired

Deborah Bettcher of Decorating Den Interiors opted for a soothing color palette for this bedroom design. A cream upholstered bed, floral draperies, and blue accents lend to the calming feel. Above is a modern ceiling fan and flanking each side of the bed are nature- inspired lamps.

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The 25 Best Bedside Lamp Ideas | Lightopia (8)

The 25 Best Bedside Lamp Ideas | Lightopia (9)

Cultivate a Collection

This bold bedroom features patterned wallpaper and coordinating artwork with green accents. Multiple fixtures from the same collection, featuring brass details with cutouts and round globes, serve different purposes. A pendant and two sizes of globe table lamps created a layered effect.

Try Pendants

Patricia Davis Brown Designs added tropical bed linens and a pop of red in the form of a bench at the foot of the bed. A white sheepskin rug adds softness. Instead of using table lamps, Patricia opted for bedside pendants that hang above the nightstands, freeing up table space.

Seaside Vibes

Jill Shevlin Designs used a traditional glass table lamp with the unexpected twist of a see-through base in this coastal-themed bedroom. White linens with red trim pop against a textured head board. A seashell is the perfect bed side accent.

Set a Theme

Kristin Phillips Interior Design went bold in this blue bedroom design. A map on the wall and an American flag set the theme. A boldly pattern bed features yellow bed linens, which coordinate with bright yellow bedside lamps.

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Anchor Your Space

A wood nightstand that coordinates with a warm wood bed frame provides an excellent base for this table lamp. Featuring a heavy geometric base and a white drum shade, the fixture helps to anchor the bedroom. White walls and sheer curtains add to the peaceful feel.

Play Up the Wallpaper

This bedroom features patterned wallpaper in neutral gray tones. The bedside lamp is unexpected, with cut outs that allow the light to penetrate. Try a sculptural light fixture to complement the pattern of your wallpaper.

Black and White

This bedroom combines an overhead pendant light in black with a bedside black and white table lamp. The contrasting styles add interest to the space. The bedside lamp has a black base which ties it to the pendant. Wood slat walls further add texture to the space.

Black Bedroom

Designs by Human didn't show away from using black walls in this elegant bedroom design. Contrasting white finishes including an upholstered bed frame and bedside table lamp pop against the dark backdrop. The white and brass table lamp details add a touch of sophistication.

Soothing Tones

Pamela Hope Designs opted for a traditional feel to this calming bedroom. Classic patterns in blue in neutral tones coordinate with soft blue-gray walls. A spindle-style bedside table features a coordinating lamp with a simple white drum shade.

Single Floor Lamp

This bedroom incorporates a full-scale wall mural that imparts pattern in the space. Rather than have two table-side lamps, here we see one single floor lamp that compliments the pattern behind it. Floor lamps can lend a sophisticated and elegant touch to your bedroom.

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The 25 Best Bedside Lamp Ideas | Lightopia (20)

Layer the Composition

Soothing gray walls coordinate with gray bed linens. A warm wood bedside table adds contrast. Atop the nightstand is a simple brass table lamp. Its domed shade lends softness to the space. Try placing a piece of art behind your bedside lamp for added interest.

Relaxing Retreat

A wood slat headboard adds texture to this otherwise neutral bedroom space. Textured bed linens add to the look. A sculptural blue bedside lamp with a simple drum shade adds a touch of sophistication to this relaxing retreat.

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Simplicty and Texture

Vantage Design Studio created a traditional respite in neutral tones. Textured accents, including a decorative element above the bed, patterned pillows and a patterned rug add character. Wood bedside tables feature simple bedroom table lamps that round out the design.

Neutral Tones

This traditional bedroom features warm white walls and a textured headboard. Two identical lamps flank the bedside and are placed on matching nightstands. Colorful pillows and linens add texture to this otherwise neutral backdrop.

The 25 Best Bedside Lamp Ideas | Lightopia (25)

Traditional Look

This bedroom incorporates a full-scale wall mural that imparts pattern in the space. Rather than have two table-side lamps, here we see one single round floor lamp that compliments the pattern behind it. Floor lamps can lend a sophisticated and elegant touch to your bedroom.

Soft Touch

This bedroom design has a soft and romantic feel with pink linens and a tufted upholstered headboard. A round bedside LED lamp sits atop a marble bedside table. The simplicity of the lamp’s design lends to the softness of the space.

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Brass Accents

Shades of Gray Design used a dark bluish tone to make brass accents pop in this bedroom design. Framed art above the bed ties into the palette, while hexagonal lamps showcase brass table lamps on the nightstands. Soft linens in neutral tones make the bed feel inviting.

Coastal Vibes

This bedroom boasts coastal vibes with white and blue accents. A white nightstand coordinates with an elegant white canopy bed frame. To add texture to the space, a rattan bedside table lamp with simple white shade plays into the coastal feel.

Fun and Funky

Pamela Hope Designs opted for a fun and funky bedroom interior. Colorful pillows, artwork and draperies make it feel bright and cheery. Above a sputnik chandelier radiates while two bedside lamps feature colorful patterns.

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Now that you've learned 25 bedside lighting ideas, we hope you are able to choose the best fixtures for your space. Though there are a variety of aesthetics and fixture types, you're sure to find ones that suit your bedroom design. We wish you a smooth shopping experience in choosing the best bedside lamps for your home!

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