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Tetsuya Kuroko[]

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Kuroko and Kagami are good friends. They met when they both joined the Seirin basketball team and after discovering that their different plays complement each other, they make a promise to become the best in Japan. When playing together they understand each other perfectly, which makes them a "lethal rookie duo." Kuroko describes his partnership with Kagami as "shadow and light." Kagami is the light and Kuroko supports him as his shadow; when the light becomes stronger, the shadow grows as well. They have often won matches due to their cooperation play.[1][2]Satsuki has also mentioned how seeing Kuroko and Kagami together reminds her of how Kuroko and Aomine used to be during their early days in Teikō.

In the Character Bible both Kagami and Kuroko have cited each other as the teammate they get along with the best, with Kagami responding, "I spend most of my time with Kuroko". They often hang out together at school, with Kuroko acting his usual self and Kagami responding with comically exaggerated anger or annoyance. Despite this, Kagami while initially annoyed at Kuroko and thinking little of him, started to grow more appreciative of his talents and willing to entrust him with his own issues; Kuroko likewise also confided in Kagami about his own troubles.

Tatsuya Himuro[]

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Kagami and Himuro became friends in the USA when they were kids, sharing a mutual passion and talent for basketball. They were very close and considered themselves brothers, with Kagami being the little one. As a token of their brotherhood, each have a matching ring that they keep as a necklace. They also became the first pupils of Alexandra, after a long time of pursuing her to become their teacher.

They briefly split but later re-found each other when they were separately playing for a street basketball team in the same city. As the two teams were rivals, Kagami and Himuro played against each other a lot, but the win-lose ratio stayed the same. At 49-49, Himuro stated that if Kagami won the next match, he would no longer be consider as Himuro's little bro. Kagami lost on purpose, angering Himuro. He wouldn't accept it and the ratio stayed 49-49. They were separated another time when Kagami moved back to Japan.

A long time later, when Kagami and Himuro were both back in Japan and both joined a strong basketball team, they reunited at the Street Basketball 5 on 5 event. They would not reconcile and continued their rivalry, facing off at the finals. However, they were unable to finish the match due to bad weather, but Kagami did promise Himuro that they would meet and face off against each other again at the Winter Cup. Both boys advanced to the quarter-finals and found themselves against each other yet again. It was then revealed that Himuro was always resentful of Kagami's talent that Himuro didn't have. He became jealous and foremost frustrated that he as an "ordinary person" could not reach the level of genius like Kagami is doing. Himuro also regrets that Kagami sees him only as a brother and not as a rival.

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After a long struggle, Kagami emerges victorious. Despite Kagami clearly being better than Himuro, Himuro faced and accepted it. With the help of Kuroko, Kagami has now come to the conclusion that they can just be brothers and rivals at the same time. Even though Kagami hasn't been able to convey his feelings, he is aware that Himuro feels the same way. Before the finals, Kagami reconcile with Himuro who apologizes for his behavior, realizing he was the one at fault.

Alexandra Garcia[]

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Alexandra was Kagami and Himuro's basketball instructor when they were still in elementary school in the States. Kagami is often exasperated by Alex because she has the habit of kissing the people she likes (including him), wandering around his house completely naked, and being rather show-off. Kagami does, however, respect her and her basketball skills and listens to her when she lectures him. Other than the kisses she treats Kagami and Himuro as if they were her own sons. She loves them both because they inspired her to teach basketball to kids. She is currently living in Kagami's apartment with him for the duration of her stay in Japan.

Generation of Miracles[]

While Kagami doesn't really get along with any of them, he mentioned that it would also be weird if he got along with any of them because they are competing. He has also said that while he respects their skills, he finds that they are arrogant people who get on his nerves. Since Seirin defeated most of them, each one of them started to acknowledge Seirin as a strong team, especially him who is on par with them.

Ryōta Kise[]

Kise was the first member of the Generation of Miracles Kagami met, immediately realizing that Kise's skills far exceeded his expectations of the Miracles. Kise first acted unfriendly toward Kagami due in part to Kuroko's refusal to join him in Kaijō, but after Seirin defeated Kaijō in a practice match,Kise acknowledged Kagami and started callinghim "Kagamicchi". Ever since then, Kise has been seeking for a rematch.
In the semi-finals of the Winter Cup, the long-awaited rematch between Kaijō and Seirin finally happened after Kise defeated Haizaki to fulfill his promise to Kagami and Kuroko.[3] This turbulent match eventually ended in favor of Kagami, but Kagami admired Kise for his unstoppable and bottomless skill. Kise admitted defeat and looked forward to their next match.

Shintarō Midorima[]

Kagami admits that Midorima is the kind of person he has difficulty dealing with and Midorima shares the same opinion with regards to Kagami. Kagami's dislike of Midorima resulted in him becoming severely depressed when he was able to pass his tests in Seirin only with the help of Midorima's apparently lucky rolling pencil.
In spite of their tense relationship, Midorima and Kagami acknowledge each other as formidable rivals after their first match. Midorima even went as far as giving tips to Kagami to improve his skills and point out his mistake so that Kagami won't be defeated again until they have their rematch.

Daiki Aomine[]

Kagami may have seen Aomine as rival more than he did the other members of the Generation of Miracles, especially because both of them are the same type of player, as pointed out by Midorima, as well as Aomine being Kuroko's 'light' prior to their meeting. Kagami commented that all Miracles are arrogant but even then Aomine was exceptionally arrogant when the Generation of Miracles' ace came to challenge him.[4]
But in spite of that, Kagami recognizes Aomine for his skill and formidable power, which have reached the pinnacle of basketball. While Aomine was in the Zone, Kagami did not feel fear but rather admiration. After their second match when Seirin finally defeated Tōō,Aomine started to view Kagami as a worthy rival, someone he has been looking for so long to keep enjoying basketball. He even gave Kagami his spare shoes before the semi-final of Winter Cup. It has been said many times that Kagami and Aomine share a lot of similarities, both in skill and personality.

Atsushi Murasakibara[]

They first met at the Streetball 5 on 5 Tournament when Atsushi came to stop Himuro from playing because of their school's rule. Kagami tries to make Murasakibara play but he refuses. He notices that the latter seems to be childish so he acted child-like provoking Murasakibara and finally played. Kagami doesn't interact with Atsushias much as with the other Generation of Miracles, possibly due toMurasakibara'santagonism towards Kiyoshi and Kagami's rivalry with Tatsuya Himuro. However Kagami was shown to be furious when Kiyoshi collapsed from exhaustion from the match and Murasakibara berated Kiyoshi when helping him up. With Kiyoshi temporarily gone, Kagami proceeds to clash with him under the basket until Kagami enters the zone then Murasakibara.

Seijūrō Akashi[]

Their meeting wasn't a good one, when he introduced himself to Akashi, Akashi used Midorima's scissors and attacked Kagami for not following his orders to leave. During their second meeting, Kagami declares that he will crush him should they meet in the finals. While Akashi does acknowlege Kagami's talent, he refuses to allow Kagami to look him in the eye, easily pulling down Kagami and telling him to know his place. However, ever since Akashi split personality was broken by both Kagami and Kuroko's comeback, and with his old personality resurfacing and tasting defeat, he became far more formal with Kagami with the prior split personality also following suit.

Seirin High[]

Kagami, like any other freshmen of Seirin, fears their coach Riko Aida and their captain and would cower in fear whenever any of them are on a rampage. He was seen not particularly close to any of them but respects them as seniors in his own awkward manner, especially when in a couple of times he forced himself to speak in polite manner to Riko. However, it has been noted that Kagami trusts them very much as the series progresses and strives to protect his teammates at all times, as seen when Kagami entered the Zone multiple times because of his team.Kagami recently seems to be especially closer with Kiyoshi like Kuroko and admires the older teenager for his perseverance and skill.


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