Slow-Cooker Chicken Tortilla Soup Recipe (2024)



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The cherry tomatoes weren’t really needed, and the carrots should be omitted—too strong a flavor that was mismatched with everything else. Double the garlic! Definitely taste and add salt, I found I needed quite a bit. Smelled great cooking all day and a great way to use summer produce. I added a poblano pepper to the broiling veggies, and next time I will add rice to the soup.


My hunt for a really flavorful Mexican Tortilla soup found satisfaction with this hearty version. Corrections include doubling garlic and a bit more salt toward the end. The salsa mix could use a dash of Smokey paprika and salt to spice it up a bit. Lime juice and cilantro brought it all together for a delicious and snappy soup.


Fantastic deep flavor from the summer garden. Yum!!! We put the soup over the corn chips (heath food store version of Fritos). I agree with other person, cherry tomato/avocado salsa didn’t add much that I could tell.


Used canned whole tomatoes because it’s February. Put the juice from the can in pot, used only 3 cups chicken broth. No carrots. Tomato and avocado is worth mixing up.


Delicious! (And to those who do not have a slow cooker: request one for the next holiday or birthday! it's as indispensable as a Vitamix or a rice cooker!)


Just a quick question, why not roast the carrots with the rest of the vegetables?


Made in instant pot. Added cauliflower and corn.


I felt the veggies were too chunky, so I used an immersion blender before adding the chicken back in, also added corn and black beans at the end. Used more garlic, per recommendation and omitted carrots. The soup was fantastic!


The roasted cherry tomatoes and avocado salsa were excellent to garnish the soup.


I used 2 guajillo chiles instead of jalapeños because 2 of our diners are kids. The last of the garden tomatoes went in. I blended the charred veggies and strained the purée through a fine mesh strainer. Bloomed the spices and tomato paste in the oil. I agree that the soup needed a bit more salt at the end, but that is personal taste. We loved this soup!


Didn’t do the cherry tomatoes, otherwise made this exactly as written except one thing: blended the soup before adding back in the shredded chicken. Made it perfect. Huge hit. Also added burlap and barrel single origin cobanero chili flakes to taste (available online).


Thought this was a super delicious and hearty soup…but followed recs of others: I added a can of black beans, and left in the carrots (we liked them!) I also added a poblano pepper in addition to the 2 jalapeños. I guess we like spicy, because we definitely didn’t think it was too hot and still added hot sauce as a topping. Didn’t do the cherry tomato/avo step, just cuz of time. Added sliced avo, queso fresco, sour cream, cilantro, green onions, and tortilla chips on top. Yum!!


Way too hot even with just a dash of cumin. Next time I will use one cleaned up jalapeno. Otherwise really good.

Ms Kitchen Witch

Agree with the reviewer who recommended leaving out the carrots. Great soup!

Snohomish County cook

Too much chicken forbtheamount of broth; cherry tomatoes unnecessary.

Richard L. Floyd

This is a good recipe. The chicken comes out moist and tender. It's weird to have a tortilla soup recipe with no tortillas in it, but I'm guessing they wouldn't have held up in the slow cooking. The avocado/tomato at the end is fussy and can be omitted. “The crowd cried out for more.”


I found the soup to be very bland and the cumin overpowering. Definitely, needs more salt, garlic and onion. I ditched the carrots. The soup is already very orangey red and carrots add no flavor. I think I will add some bell peppers the next time I cook this. At the end of the day, the shredded cheddar cheese, sour cream, avocado and chips made the soup rather tasty.

Margie D

I loved this recipe. I added sliced tortillas which I had crisped in the oven (about 350 degrees) to the soup when served. I've had tortilla soup at local Mexican restaurants which feature tortillas sliced (on the long slide) so I wanted to duplicate this aspect in my soup.Other all, very good. I felt that there was enough salt (i forgot to check the salt level at the point of serving) but so check it for your taste.I disagree about the avocado. I think that it added a lot of flavor.


can you make this in Instant pot? how long?

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Slow-Cooker Chicken Tortilla Soup Recipe (2024)


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