Instant Pot Casseroles Recipes (2024)

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If you’re looking for some easy Instant Pot casseroles we have a bunch! Kid approved casserole dinners cooked in your pressure cooker in no time at all and no need to turn your oven on during the warmer months!

Instant Pot Casseroles Recipes (1)

We are all in love with these easy Instant Pot casseroles here! These and many others are included in your huge list of easy Instant Pot recipes so make sure to look there too for more dinner ideas. (originally published 4/18, affiliate links present)

Ninja Foodi Casserole

Who doesn’t love a great throw together meal. I mean your Grandmother and Mom probably made one of these each week, but in the oven. These are a lot faster!

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You can make them as an easy Ninja Foodi recipe, in your Crockpot Express, Mealthy or any other pressure cooker brand. One pot meals cooking noodles and meat together is the best.

If you are new to pressure cooking we have a lot of easy one pot meal recipes for you here. To begin with let’s start with a few basic tips:

  • Make sure to Bookmark our InstaPot recipes page. We add new ones each week!
  • Then PRINT this —–> Instant Pot cooking times cheat sheet that will help you understand how long meat, vegetables and beans take to cook in your pressure cooker.
    • This is a great InstaPot cookbook and a set of wooden utensils are great to grab too.
    • I HIGHLY recommend you buy this non stick pot.
      • You should still deglaze pressure cooker after sautéing but it won’t have as many issues with this better liner.

For reference, this is the pressure cooker I have (a 6 quart) and use for all recipe creations.

Instant Pot Casseroles Recipes (2)

Casserole in Pressure Cooker

Think of your favorite long grain rice or cheesy casserole that takes over an hour to bake, done in less than 20 minutes. I love these easy dinners when we have a busy evening ahead of us.

  • Can you believe that an Instant Pot casserole is really possible??!!

Yes!! If you too want quick weeknight meals in a whole lot less time, this post is for you!

We have all your favorite dinners made with a twist cooked in no time.

Instant Pot Casseroles Recipes (3)

Instant Pot Pasta Casserole

My kids love them all because everything is together in one pot which allows the flavors to really deepen. Pressure cooking has really transformed our family dinners for sure. We eat together a lot more often now.

A casserole is an easy throw together (whatever you have in the pantry and fridge kind of meal). Using ground beef and some beef broth in your electric pressure cooker can create the most amazing meals like:

  • Instant Pot cheesesteak pasta with meat, cheese, pasta and veggies inside.
Instant Pot Casseroles Recipes (4)

Instant Pot casserole recipes

PIN THIS page and check back often for more ideas.

  • This Instant Pot taco casserole I made up on the fly using what I had in the house. It turned out to be one of our favorite creamy dinners my kids raved over
  • Pressure cooker sausage rice casserole uses ground sausage

And Instant Pot sausage and rice uses links, these didn’t last long in our house.

Instant Pot Casseroles Recipes (5)

Our cheesypressusre cooker lasagna casserole is so much easier to make than traditional lasagna. It has all the same wonderful flavors, but easier to eat, and done in just minutes

  • ThisInstant Pot sloppy joe casserole brings your favorite sloppy sandwich into a casserole style dish

Want to make something around the holidays? Try our Instant Pot turkey tenderloin casserole with noodles.

Instant Pot Casseroles Recipes (6)

Just cook on high pressure and in less than 20 minutes including prep time it will be done! Your slow cooker can’t do that. 😉

  • If you like a crunch on top, thisPressure cooker Dorito casserole is kid friendly and popular in our house

Our favorite classic dishPressure cooker tuna noodle casserole, is a home town fave

Yes!! You can cook classic dishes you’ve always loved like pressure cooker chicken mushroom casserole and these others!

  • No more turning on your oven when it is 100 degrees outside to make your favorite casserole.
  • Just use your InstaPot and make it WAY faster with the same great taste.
  • It’s even perfect for simple lunch time ideas like hard boiled eggs! Use a cup of water and in 15 minutes they’re done to perfection.

InstaPot casserole

Instant Pot Casseroles Recipes (8)

Many recipes such as our Instant Pot chicken broccoli rice casserole can be “tweaked” too. Rather use leftover ham or turkey, swap that out! Have a precooked sausage link in your fridge, dice that up instead!

  • One of our favorite dinners is this Instant Pot chicken parmesan casserole, a winner for sure
  • This cheesy Instant Pot goulash is amazing! You can omit the cheese and just made it pressure cooker goulash if you like. Either way it is a great casserole style dish we love

For the holidays I make this Instant Pot corn casserole recipe.It not only tastes amazing and is a great pressure cooker side dish, but looks pretty too in a bundt cake form.

Instant Pot Casseroles Recipes (9)
  • OurInstant Pot stuffed cabbage casserole turned out great and with some added chicken broth could be stuffed cabbage soup too
  • This pressure cooker chicken quinoa casserole is on the healthier side and still yummy!

If you’re having a brunch or need a breakfast idea this Instant Pot breakfast casserole cooked pot in pot style is great. Packed with hash browns and eggs it’s always a winner.

Instant Pot Casseroles Recipes (10)

Instant Pot Rice Casserole

To me a casserole is everything dumped into one pot or dish and cooked together so all the flavors permeate throughout the dish.

  • Meat + veggies (sometimes) + rice or pasta = a casserole in my mind.

Now that I use my Instant Pot on an almost daily basis I begin to think outside of the box when it comes to a casserole.

Many times I just luck out, like the taco casserole you see below.I literally threw together what I had in my house that I would normally include in tacos.

It came out totally incredible in under 30 minutes with a quick release at the end. You can do the same thing too…just think outside of the box! Try cabbage next time with our Instant Pot sausage and cabbage with noodles recipe.

Instant Pot Casseroles Recipes (11)
  • Try Instant Pot stuffed pepper casserole if you love those comfort food flavors! Way easier than the “old fashioned” stuffed peppers with the same great flavors
  • This Instant Pot french toast casserole is great for mornings or a brunch too

Instant Pot pizza pasta is a sort of pressure cooker pizza casserole of sorts. You can add all the toppings you love, I have Instant Pot pizza directions too after you’re done

  • If you prefer quinoa, our Instant Pot chicken fried quinoa is a sort of casserole with all the meat and veggies rolled into one
  • Our Instant Pot pasta with chicken is great

Without casserole in it’s name I call this Instant Pot chili mac a casserole. Everything is mixed together in one yummy dinner, same with our Instant Pot cheeseburger macaroni.

  • Same thing with this Instant Pot red beans and rice. Not a casserole specifically but anything where the meat and starches are all cooked together is a casserole to me .

This one is great if you need a pantry ingredient recipe. Omit the meat and there you have it. Super cheap and filling.

Instant Pot Casseroles Recipes (13)
  • Pressure cooker Mexican casserole just has it all.
  • Instant Pot hamburger stroganoff is a great casserole style dinner
  • Creamy pressure cooker chicken noodle casserole is a fave

Thinking outside of the box we found thisInstant Pot Mexican Casserole looks and sounds delicious too

Are there another pressure cooker casseroles you’ve made that you love, or that you have put together yourself? I’d love to hear it so we can try it too!

Instant Pot Casseroles Recipes (14)

Next try our one pot meal with pasta and chicken thighs with this pressure cooker lemon chicken casserole! Here are a few questions you might have right about now:

What are the best casserole dishes?

The one your whole family loves the most in my opinion. I love those that use up leftover ham or turkey as well after the holidays.

What are the three main parts of a casserole?

Meat, starch and liquid are your bases. From there you can add small vegetables and seasonings of course.

  • I love our Pressure cooker enchilada casserole too. Instead of using water or broth I instead grabbed a can of this flavorful sauce.

The noodles soaked up all that goodness as it cooked which made this one pot meal over the top!

Instant Pot Casseroles Recipes (15)

This is how to make one, basically, of course follow instructions on a recipe you find specifically.

Time needed:25 minutes

Instant Pot Casserole

  1. Choose meat

    Choose the meat you want to use. Add it in diced with some olive oil and saute until outsides are no longer pink. Deglaze pot when done.

  2. Add water or broth

    Broth has a lot more flavor so that’s what I prefer. Water works as an alternative. You’ll need enough to absorb (and then some) whatever starch you add.

  3. Choose pasta or rice

    Choose which starch you want added. Typically you’ll need to add twice as much liquid as starch added. Follow recipe you’re making as far as these amounts are concerned.

  4. Pressure cook

    I almost always use high pressure with a quick release. Rice typically will need 10-12 minutes and pasta needs only about 3 minutes to cook.

  5. Let it sit

    The longer an Instant Pot casserole sits the thicker it will become. Don’t freak out immediately, it won’t be that soupy for long.

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Instant Pot Casseroles Recipes (16)

Instant Pot Casseroles Recipes (17)

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Instant Pot Casseroles

Lots of different Instant Pot casseroles with ground beef, chicken, pasta or rice in a sauce.

Course Entree, Main Course

Cuisine American, Mexican

Keyword casserole, crockpot express, instant pot, ninja foodi, pasta, pressure cooker

Prep Time 15 minutes minutes

Cook Time 4 minutes minutes

Servings 6

Calories 320kcal

Author The Typical Mom




  • Turn to saute and add your olive oil, diced onion, sausage, salt and taco seasoning. Cook until meat is broken up into smaller pieces and no longer pink. Then press stop.

  • Add can of diced tomatoes and stir and spread meat out on to the bottom of the pot. Sprinkle your uncooked noodles over the top of this layer, then pour the broth over the top of everything, do not stir.

  • Close your lid and steam valve. Press the pressure button for 4 minutes. Do a quick release, lift lid, stir and set to saute once again.

  • Stir in sour cream and 3/4 c of cheese until cheese is melted and taco pasta starts to bubble and thicken. Cook until noodles are as tender as you'd like them to be. Then press stop and serve with remaining cheese on top of bowls.


Nutrition Facts

Instant Pot Casseroles

Amount Per Serving (1 oz)

Calories 320Calories from Fat 198

% Daily Value*

Fat 22g34%

Saturated Fat 9g56%

Trans Fat 0.1g

Polyunsaturated Fat 2g

Monounsaturated Fat 8g

Cholesterol 57mg19%

Sodium 691mg30%

Potassium 329mg9%

Carbohydrates 17g6%

Fiber 1g4%

Sugar 3g3%

Protein 14g28%

Vitamin A 495IU10%

Vitamin C 8mg10%

Calcium 185mg19%

Iron 1mg6%

* Percent Daily Values are based on a 2000 calorie diet.

Instant Pot Casseroles Recipes (18)
Instant Pot Casseroles Recipes (2024)


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