Best Soju Flavors For Beginners (Ranked) | Honest Food Talks (2024)

Most soju flavours combine crisp, smooth Korean distilled alcohol with a refreshing and fruity taste. This makes the alcohol a refreshing social beverage that is also light and easy to gulp down.

Many Koreans enjoy this drink due to its low alcohol content, which puts it somewhere between hard liquor and wine. However, having it plain can be too stiff and strong for first-timers. This is where different soju flavours can come in handy.

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We bring you our detailed soju flavours list, so you won't have to risk ruining your first soju experience with the sensation of stinging firewater down your throat! This list of our top soju flavours, ranked from 'worst' to best, was compiled after numerous taste tests and tipsy night-outs with friends and family.

Please note that these variations are unique, but some are more beginner-friendly than others. So, continue reading to find your perfectly boozy match.

Best Soju Flavor (Our Favourites)

The flavour that we reckon is the best among the different soju flavours is Green Grape. We love it due to its fruity taste that blends well with the alcoholic taste. Its mild alcoholic taste also makes it the best soju flavour for beginners.

Soju Flavor Alcohol Content

This rice-based Korean liquor has a lower alcohol content (ABV) than vodka despite being frequently compared to Russian liquor. Thus, it is not 100% alcohol and boasts a weaker taste than its Russian counterpart.

Vodka has a standard concentration of 40% up to 96% ABV. Whereas traditionally, Korean liquor also contained around 40% ABV. However, modern Koreans typically consume the ones with only around 13-25% alcohol content.

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Despite this, different soju flavours can have different amounts of alcohol. Furthermore, the Korean alcoholic drink is weaker than tequila, which typically contains the same percentage as vodka.

There are many popular soju brands in South Korea, like Jinro, Chum Churum, and Good Day. The information below is based on the drinks produced by Good Day. However, you can get the drink from different brands since most of them will likely have similar alcohol percentages.

Soju FlavorAlcohol Content
Green Grape13%


Plain soju is actually the most consumed alcohol in Korea. Its neutral and smooth taste makes it a good pair with everything else.

For instance, this variation is great for mixing with fruit juices to make a punch. It is also one of our go-tos whenever we want to make our favourite co*cktail, yogurt soju. We love to pair it with greasy foods like Korean corn cheese and samgyeopsal because it's the perfect way to wash down the oily taste.

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Apart from its versatility, the drink can be too stiff for some people. This is because it has the highest alcohol content among all variations. Some may find the taste boring since it tastes like diluted vodka. So, if you want something more exciting, skip this and try different soju flavours.

Yuja (Citron)

Yuja noju is the first flavoured version of the Korean alcoholic drink, which sparked the fruity Korean alcohol wave. It is a type of citrus or citron that is quite sour with a bitter aftertaste. And its alcoholic drink form is no different. It provides the most intense taste when it comes to flavoured alcohol.

Despite that, it is worth trying to satisfy one's curiosity about the first flavored Korean liquor. We also recommend this variation for those who prefer having zesty notes in their drink. This is why we usually prefer using it in making iced tea co*cktails. The tangy, citrusy taste gives it a nice kick and makes the boozed iced tea more refreshing. Also, try having it with barbecued meats and rich-tasting foods like stews, as it's the perfect palate cleanser.


This pomegranate-tasting alcohol has a unique taste that you will either hate or love. So, it is not made for just anybody. If you have been acquainted with drinks that bite, this would be fine for you. But for first-timers, it would probably taste like an alcoholic medicine to you.

However, this sharp-tasting beverage tastes better when you turn it into a co*cktail. Therefore, it is our top pick for drinking games. The alcoholic drink makes a fun and refreshing Somaek that you can enjoy with friends and family.

We also suggest enjoying it with pajeon (Korean fried pancake). Its intense sweet-sour taste goes well with the savoury pancake and tangy dipping sauce.


Grapefruit is the second variation that emerged after the birth of Yuja Korean alcohol. Similarly, it mirrors the taste of the actual fruit. This alcoholic drink is bitter and offers a little hint of sweetness. It is almost like drinking the original alcohol with a tiny hint of fruitiness. So, this will be your best match if you enjoy biting drinks. In contrast, those who prefer milder drinks should go for different soju flavours.

This drink charms us with its odd balance of bitterness and sweetness. It is not as bitter as the pomegranate version, yet it is not that sweet. It is our version of the perfect summer booze, as it's the most refreshing when served cold. Plus, having it with ice will allow its naturally tart taste to shine through. Pair it with your favourite spicy or savoury ramyeon, and you'll get a divine combo. Our favourite combo? Hands down has to be with kimchi ramen.


Peach has long been the most popular flavour in Korea, next to the original one. This drink offers the perfect amount of sweetness and doesn't completely mask the taste of alcohol. Therefore, it is ideal if you want to enjoy a sweeter drink while still getting the boozy taste.

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We ultimately enjoy having it with Korean BBQ as its sweet and mild notes pair excellently with the grilled dishes. It is also the ideal drink when you just want to enjoy the vibes without focusing much on the alcohol. Due to that, it is among the most beginner-friendly variations in our soju flavours list.


The blueberry version has a milder taste than citron and pomegranate. It has a delicate sweetness and does not give a bitter aftertaste. Due to that, it makes one of the best alcohols for beginners. However, it might disappoint you if you expect it to taste like real fruit without hints of artificiality. Still, its light and refreshing taste helps cleanse the palate when you have rich and spicy foods like rose tteokbokki.

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It is one of our favourites since it is versatile and makes an excellent co*cktail base. We love mixing it with Red Bull and Gatorade Blue Bolt to create a fantastic mix of soju flavours. Plus, it has a sweet, pleasing aroma that doesn't smell as strong as the regular version.


Maybe we're just strawberry lovers, but this drink is among the soju flavours ranked highly on our list because of its refreshing taste. It boasts sweet and sour notes that can be paired with anything from juice to soda.

Furthermore, its versatility allows you to create any soju flavour mix. You can make fun drinks like strawberry martinis, punch, and margaritas. You can even have it as a base to make smoothies and slushies.

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However, we genuinely appreciate that it can also be drunk neat, making it a highly drinkable alcohol. This is why the beverage is very popular, especially among college students. It is very sweet yet still holds a mild alcoholic taste to remind its drinker that it is alcoholic. Furthermore, it pairs amazingly with some spicy Korean fried chicken.


Another soju flavour that ranks highly on our list is plum. It's rare to find plum drinks, let alone plum alcohol, so this drink sort of charms us with its uniqueness.

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We're also huge fans of its taste. It is packed with an appealing sweet and light tartness that you can enjoy neat or on the rocks. Due to its strong fruity taste, it is a great base to make delightful party drinks. For example, you can make a soju flavours mix like plum alcoholic fruit punch or a plum mojito with it. Whether or not you enjoy the real fruit, you surely won't regret trying this drink!


The premade yoghurt soju variation is created by combining plain soju with Yakult and lemon-lime soda. The combo became incredibly popular; nowadays, you can even buy a bottle of it! It is loved by many, including us, because it is smooth and drinkable. The alcoholic yogurt drink is sweet, tangy, and refreshing, and it feels like you're just drinking plain yogurt.

It is among the top soju flavours ranked as the best for beginners. It is tasty on its own or mixed into one of your favourite co*cktails. However, we advise you not to get too carried away. Despite its excellent capability of masking the alcohol taste, the drink can still give you an awful hangover.


Apple drinks are always sweet and refreshing with a hint of crispiness. Similarly, this apple booze captures the real taste of apples, making it a fresh and fruity tipple. First-timers would appreciate this drink for its smoothness. It also smells sweet, like the actual fruit, so you won't have to leave the restaurant or bar with a foul boozy scent.

It is one of the soju flavors ranked highly in our list mainly because it is so easy to drink. Plus, this quaffable beverage is the perfect match for almost everything. You can pair it with anything spicy, grilled, or even your favorite dessert. This drink hardly disappoints.

Green Grape

Of all variations, the green grape is the best soju flavor for beginners. In fact, it tops everyone's best soju flavors list. It is also the most popular variation, according to Reddit! Easy to drink, fun, and tasty – this alcoholic beverage is made for everyone. Be it Jinro, Chum Churum, or any other brand, the green grape version will always be top-tier.

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The drink stands out because it reminds many of us of grape jellies. Due to that, we often view it as a drink that perfectly combines our childhood with adulthood. Thus, this one will always be our number one, even though we enjoy other alcoholic beverages. For the best experience, we highly suggest having it with warm, comforting dishes like ramyeon.

Have you tried any of the fun drinks from our top soju flavours list? Follow @honestfoodtalks on Instagram and tell us which one is your go to.

Best Soju Flavors For Beginners (Ranked) | Honest Food Talks (2024)


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