8 Best Soju Flavors Ranked (2024) (2024)

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Have you tried soju? Take a look at the best soju flavors to consider for your next drink. Aside from its original plain flavor, there are also a variety of flavors to sample, giving your drinking experience a unique twist.

Soju is a Korean alcoholic beverage. It has become highly popular even in other countries around the world. Plus, it is cheap and tastes great when mixed with other beverages or paired with several foods.

Best Soju Flavors Ranked

1. Peach

Peach is always one of the best when it comes to beverages. And that makes the Chum Churum peach-flavored soju a top pick as well. You can get a refreshingly sweet peach taste that softens the soju’s alcoholic punch. This flavor will surely satisfy your palate.

2. Blueberry

The Good Day blueberry flavor soju is another decent candidate for a fruity and delightful drink. You may enjoy this flavor by itself. But you can also combine it with other drinks to create an altogether new mix.

3. Grapefruit

Jinro Chamisul Grapefruit soju is among the crowd favorites because of its zesty and crisp flavor that matches the robust soju taste. This option is bitter and only slightly sweet. Try it, and you might add this to your go-to drink.

4. Green Grape

A flavor that is suitable for everyone, green grape comes highly recommended. Jinro Green grape soju is a delicious and pleasant taste as it is neither very sweet nor overly bitter. A drink worth trying.

5. Apple

This Soonhari Apple flavored soju is silky smooth and tastes and smells just like real fruit. It has a nice blend of sweetness and sourness. The apple flavor is prominent from start to finish, making it a delightful sip all the way through.

6. Strawberry

Do you like fresh, sweet strawberry fruit? Then, this option is for you. Jinro Strawberry is one of the most loved soju flavors because it has a mild berry and fruity taste while still offering a good punch of alcohol.

7. Yuja

The first fruit flavor of soju is Yuja, also called citron. It marks the start of the flavored soju trend. Yuja has a citrus taste that is both sour and bitter. Furthermore, it offers a refreshing vibe and gives a pleasant aroma.

Check Yuja-flavored soju and discover if it matches your taste preference.

8. Yogurt

A yogurt-flavored soju is now available because of the soju Yakult craze. This flavor has a sweet and creamy yogurt taste. It is a must-try the next time you grab a drink.

The good news for fans, this distinct flavor comes in a bottle, so there is no need to buy soju and yogurt separately and manually mix them.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What Is Soju?

Soju is a distilled alcoholic beverage made from a variety of starchy crops. It is traditionally produced with rice, although makers also use a range of other starches, such as tapioca, barley, or wheat.

The alcohol level can range from approximately 15% to over 50%. On average, a 360 ml bottle has about 540 calories and 20 g of carbs. The quality of soju can differ significantly.

Soju, meaning “burned liquor,” derives its name from the fact that it is distilled at a high temperature. Due to its neutral taste, the clear alcoholic drink is also known as Korean vodka.

How To Drink Soju?

Soju is generally drunk neatly and directly as a shot. Soju is traditionally consumed with food in a social setting.

Social customs connected with consuming soju are rooted in the culture of Korea. Every person in the group pours a glass of soju for someone else, usually beginning from the eldest moving to the youngest member of the group.

When pouring and receiving soju, people use two hands to hold the bottle or glass. Moreover, you are expected to drink the soju in a straight shot, looking away from the person who served it to you. Afterward, it is fine to sip the soju in small amounts.

The Korean word “gonbae,” meaning “cheers,” is frequently said and heard when drinking soju.

An old custom of shaking the bottle of soju stems back to a period when soju had sediment to be reincorporated.

Where To Buy Soju?

Soju is usually found in supermarkets and convenience stores. It is also commonly kept in the Asian aisle of local liquor shops. In most countries, you can also purchase soju from online retailers.

Soju comes in a variety of flavors, some of which are only accessible in Korea and others that are available worldwide. Jinro is usually the world’s best-selling liquor brand.

Wrapping Up

The popularity of soju has taken over the globe. Soju comes in different flavors to level up its regular neutral taste.

Depending on your preferences, you can select from the choices listed above. Enjoy drinking!


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8 Best Soju Flavors Ranked (2024) (2024)


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