10 Best Soju Flavors on the Market (2024)

If you’re here looking for the best Soju flavors, that means you know what Soju is, and luckily for you, you’re in the right place. But there is a chance you have no idea what Soju is, and you got here by accident. Well, once again, you’re in the right place.

Ladies and gentlemen, allow me to introduce Soju, a Korean alcohol that is clear with no color and is primarily made from starch like rice or potatoes. It is distilled and is the most popular alcoholic drink in South Korea. Some even claim it is the best-selling liquor in the world.

Best Soju Flavors, Ranked

You may be wondering: if this drink is so great, what does it taste like? Some say it is like watered-down vodka, with around half the alcohol content. It can be used in various co*cktails as a vodka replacement, but the tastes can vary.

Like other distilled spirits, Soju can be flavored. Think of it as alcoholic fruit juice. If you enjoy not-so-strong liquor, something with a smooth blend that will go down your throat easily, you would love flavored Soju.

While still enjoyable in its standard form, the true allure of Soju lies in its numerous fruity flavors. It is possible to try various combinations of flavors in co*cktails until you find the right blend. But in this article, we will share the best Jinro Chamisul Soju flavors we could discover.

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Tangerine Flavor

Locally called Yuja flavor, this is believed to be the first flavored alcohol that led to the fruit-flavored Soju wave. Yuja is a citrus that has a bitter or sour taste. If you are curious about the first flavored Soju, give Yuja flavor a try.


Green Grape Flavor

The green grape flavor has a gummy candy taste and is one of my favorites. It is a fine and refreshing blend. It is neither too bitter nor too sweet and is worth trying.

Blueberry Flavor

The blueberry flavor is another decent one to try. Though I’m not a big fan of the after-taste, it does have that natural fragrant taste that means it will go well with co*cktails too.

Peach Flavor

Peach-flavored Soju tastes like alcohol-infused juice, which is why we love it. It is sweet and aromatic without being too strong or overwhelming. It is for those who are not very big fans of alcoholic beverages but want something with a little kick. Furthermore, it goes well with spicy foods.


Strawberry Flavor

We all love the vanilla flavor that comes with strawberry-infused foods and drinks. Soju drinks are no different, and it has a mild berry taste while still delivering a significant punch of alcohol.

Apple Flavor

One of the sweeter flavors, it captures the essence of apples and does a good job of smelling and tasting like the actual fruit. This makes it quite popular among South Koreans, and it is quite refreshing.

Pineapple Flavor

This one has a pineapple taste but is not entirely fresh and has an artificial taste, giving it an after-taste that’s not so great.

Grapefruit Flavor

Grapefruit-flavored Soju has that tangy natural flavor that grapefruits have. If you’re not a big fan of super sweet drinks, this is the one for you. It’s more bitter than it is sweet.

Yogurt Flavor

Yes, there is also yogurt-flavored Soju. This flavor has a sweet, creamy taste, just like yogurt, and is excellent for co*cktails but still delicious when taken by itself.

Pomegranate Flavor

If you enjoy grapefruit Soju, then you might enjoy this. The two are almost alike, but this is slightly more bitter. If you want a toned-down fruit-flavored Soju, try this flavor.

How Many Flavors of Soju Are There?

There is no specific number of flavored Soju drinks, as new flavors are created every other day due to human nature’s creativity. However, Soju brands are not to be mistaken for Soju flavors.

Various Soju brands offer many different flavors, like the ones listed above. There are even more niche flavors like honey, ginger, raspberry, mango, and watermelon, among many others.

If you are already feeling about the Soju flavors in Korea, wait until you hear about existing flavors worldwide that have yet to be heard of.

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How to Drink Soju

In Korea, Soju is usually drunk from small glasses, like shots. It is common for people to drink in pairs or groups. People do not drink alone; hence they don’t serve themselves. Be sure to use both hands when receiving a drink or serving others; it is a sign of respect.

What is Soju Made From?

Soju is primarily made from starch. Earlier on, Soju used to be made from rice and grains. In the late 90s, rice usage was banned due to scarcity, so Soju was made from other starches such as sweet potatoes or wheat. Even though the ban is no longer in effect, most producers have stuck with potatoes.


Regardless of the unbelievable sales of Soju worldwide, it is rare in many places, including the United States. Still, that is about to change with the rising popularity of Korean food.

Some popular original Soju brands include Jinro Chamisul and Chum Churum. If you are in a fancy restaurant or a bar with a Korean menu, take advantage of the opportunity to try Soju.


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10 Best Soju Flavors on the Market (2024)


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